All Wrapped Up

All 30 individuals and family members  'adopted'  by our church received abundant Christmas gifts, in many cases more items than were on their wish lists.... and a total of $1,650 in Gift Certificates besides!  

Thank you all for your generosity, brightening the lives of these struggling folks at the holiday season.

The Thank you Letters and Cards
One source of the  needy families that we 'adopted' were those nominated for help by Family Workers at a  Hackensack-based Head Start program.  The children who attend the Head Start preschool program (ages 3 to 5) wrote Thank you cards to us for our gifts!  We gave gifts not only to these young children, but to their siblings and parents as well. 

While it is very difficult, with the limited information we have, to connect the exact 'thank you' card to a specific gift, here are their thanks to you!
The cards from the children were accompanied by a few notes, one from the Family Worker who headed the program.  It reads, in part, 

"I would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude for all that you did to assist the children of the Greater Bergen Head Start Program during the holiday season. We are truly grateful........As a result of your generosity, we were able to provide toys, clothing, hats and gloves, socks and other necessities to the children in our program.  I wish you could have seen the look of joy on all of their little faces.  Please know that you have made a great difference in their lives...." 
In addition, there were brief notes from parents, including one which reads "To the members of the Church - Thank you so much for your gifts.  My sincerely (sic) appreciation for value (sic - valuable?) gifts that we received.  Thank you again."   Another, written in Spanish and translated, reads "Thank you so much for the gifts.  God bless you and God protect you.  We are very happy with the gifts.  Merry Christmas."
In addition to the families introduced through the Head Start program, we adopted several impoverished seniors and one disabled young adult nominated by the Bergen County Visiting Homemaker services.  We received a letter of thanks from this organization which reads, in part

"I can't begin to express what your holiday gifts meant to our clients.  All gifts were delivered by December 20th, 2016. The thoughtfulness of your congregation is amazing.  Our clients are always so thankful to have a wrapped gift...(which) brightens their holidays... Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts."