Our Building Renovation Plan
UPDATE - July, 2018

The Building Renovation Team is pleased to report that financing for our renovation project is in place.  Phelps Construction is securing bids for the project.  The process has been a lengthy one that has gone through many revisions, but we believe the final version of the plans reflects our primary goals of accessibility, hospitality and functionality as well as affordability.  We look forward to beginning the project in the very near future, and we will keep you informed about the start date!

The Building Renovation Team


Our renovation plan will allow us to continue to provide diverse worship, education and compassionate care for all.  It will allow us to strengthen our outreach ministry and extend our mission and vision both locally and globally.


  • Adding lifts  to allow better access to much-used levels of the church building.
  • Bringing the building up to code for utilities, fire safety and accessibility.
  • Remodeling all restrooms and the Fellowship Hall kitchen.
  • Providing state-of-the-art classrooms and meeting spaces.
  • Remodeling the Continental Avenue side of the building for accessibility, efficiency and appearance. 
  • Enlarging the sanctuary narthex and vestibule.