Renovation Pictures
 Nov.11th - What's new?
The stairs up from the kitchen, showing the completely gutted bathrooms on the Library level.
The gutted bathrooms 
Close-up of the pipes torn up in the gutted bathrooms - 
Looks like it was more than time to replace them.
View from Library level, looking down steps that went to kitchen, 
up steps that went to the outside door to the office entryway.
Fireplace and Office
From Office level, toward former outside door to office entryway.  
One of the two lifts will be in the cut-out space to the right in the picture.
Closer view of showing floor cutout space for lift,  edge of what was door to parlor on the left.
 Nov.9th - What's going on behind those construction barriers?
The hole in the kitchen, where the refrigerators used to be - preparing this corner for the lift
Now-former office entrance
The dumpster -  the view within
Library level - That used to be the ladies room door - view now goes through both ladies and men's room areas.
View through what was the men's room door on the library level.
The stained glass window in what was the parlor covered for protection
Sunday, October 28th - Service, Ground (well, Wall-)Breaking, and moving out the furnishings to start the renovation
"Before" pictures of the lounge
Service to start the renovation process
Members of the Renovation and Leadership Teams get ready to go to work.
The Head of the Renovation Team symbolically strikes the first blow in the process to renew the church 
( and there's the reason to renew and move into the future!)
Passing the work on the Pastor Dennis
..and we all know that Pastor Dennis is a good builder
~in many ways!
 More members of the Renovation and Leadership Team take strike a blow 
Our Moderator takes his turn

...and representing the congregation... !
Moving the furniture out  - all within less than an hour 
(I'd say many hands make light work, but some of these gentlemen might not have agreed at this moment)
And the lounge is empty and ready for the renovators