Chrismon 2017

The Chrismon Service was held on Sunday, Dec. 3rd 

The Church School Chrismon Service
re-enactment of the Christmas Story.
Chrismon Ornaments are Christian symbols that remind us of Christ's glory. Below is the Chrismon tree with the 2017 ornaments

For 2017, the ornament was a gift, which represents the greatest gift we have all been given, Jesus Christ.  His presence in our lives is a gift and not just at Christmas time, but all year round.
Just some of the 121 toys collected for Greater Bergen Community Action, Inc. in 2017
Everyone brings an unwrapped toy or item of children's clothing for our donation to Greater Bergen Community Action, Inc.
In 2017, we gave 121 toys, 5 children's jackets, 13 outfits (pajamas, etc.), plus numerous accessories, including socks, hats and mittens.
There were so many items, the Greater Bergen Community Action vehicle that came to pick them up could not contain all our donations in one trip!

The service begins with the congregation placing their Chrismon ornaments on the sanctuary tree.  These ornaments are white and gold and are a continuous reminder of God's great gift to us.

As the Chrismons are brought to the tree, members can also bring their unwrapped gifts of clothing and toys to be placed under the tree for children in need.