Chrismon 2018
Two beautiful granddaughters help decorate the Chrismon tree with their Chrismon angels
Important decision-making 
Selecting the perfect spot for the Chrismon angel on the tree
Putting the Chrismon angel on the tree, with a boost from grandma.
  The angels announce the glad tidings of the Christmas birth
  Angels we have heard on high....
  The little donkey who carried Mary looks at the Baby Jesus in the manger (with a little angel looking on)
  The shepherds come to see this baby that the angels revealed to them. 
 The wisemen arrive
Solo lullaby "Away in a Manger"
Closer view of  a little angel, some of the manger animals and pages
Some of the wisemen pages, shepherds angels....
Closer view of some manger animals, pages - uh, what's up down there?
Determined page, shepherd....
The worshipers at the manger
Everyone surrounding the Christ child, angels, manger animals, pages, wisemen, shepherds,,,,
Some of the 90+ toys and warm clothing under the sanctuary tree, donated to give to local struggling families.