Minister for Faith Formation
Duties and Responsibilities


The Minister for Faith Formation at the First Congregational Church of River Edge, New Jersey, shall be a person whose commitment to Christ and the Church is evidenced in daily living and work.

The Minister for Faith Formation shall train, equip, coordinate, support and provide resources to those involved in the church's educational ministries, especially for children, youth and families.

The Minister for Faith Formation shall help youth grow and develop by encouraging their participation in the total ministry of the church: worship, learning, fellowship, witness and service.


  • Christian commitment in life and work
  • A basic understanding of Reformed Congregational theology, or willingness to learn and teach it.
  • College degree preferred, or equivalent experience with any of the following emphases: education, Christian Education, youth ministry, Bible or religion.
  • Experience in Christian Education and/or youth ministry at the congregational level.
  • Ability to relate well and develop rapport with both youth and adults.
  • Possess strong skills in organization, group process and leadership.
  • Willingness to participate in continuing education opportunities.
  • Ability to plan, organize, lead, introduce and implement activities and delegate responsibilities.
  • Ability to motivate and bring energy, enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity to youth and learning ministries.
  • Ability to incorporate computer and social media resources in the Christian Education and Discipleship program.


  • Develop and sustain faith formation and discipleship ministries for children, youth and families, in cooperation with the Education Team and the Pastor.
  • Promote and publicize children's, youth, and family ministries within the church and community including through the church newsletter, Sunday bulletin and social media.
  • Develop and sustain a youth ministry, enabling a youth group and its leadership.
  • Review, recommend and acquire curriculum materials for pre-school through high school.
  • Recruit, train and supervise Christian education teachers and leaders.
  • Oversee meaningful ways to include children in worship, including provision of children's message.
  • Summer responsibilities include Vacation Bible School or family Bible Nights, youth or family mission/service opportunity, and preparation for fall programs.
  • Orchestrate occasional "special" worship services with the participation and leadership of children and youth, including direction of the annual 'Chrismon' Service.
  • Organize Confirmation Class. Assist members and Pastor in teaching.
  • Maintain suitable nursery/child care volunteers for worship services.
  • Administer the church's "Trust with Care Policy."
  • Promote faith formation, discipleship and service; maintain confidentiality and boundaries.
  • Submit a written report annually to the congregation.
  • Collaborate with the Education Team; attend Education Team meetings as an ex-officio member.
  • Report directly to and meet regularly with the Pastor; maintain accountabilities to the Pastor, Education Team and Personnel Team.


The position shall be considered to be "Part Time." The work week schedule shall be twenty (20) hours, including Sunday mornings. Work schedule will be at the mutual agreement of the Minister for Faith Formation (MFFF), and accountability groups (Education Team, Personnel Team and Pastor/Supervisor). The MFFF will have off, by mutual agreement, five (5) summer weeks, while providing for proper summer programming and planning.

The Salary, commensurate with training and experience, will be in the range of $17,000~ $22,000/year, with no health insurance. The salary will be paid in 26 bi-weekly installments. Funding of up to $700 annually will be provided for approved Continuing Education.

Compensation for additional church school and educational activities not described herein must be pre-approved by the Leadership Council. 


During the first year of employment the Minister for Faith Formation shall be entitled to five (5) vacation days, five (5) sick days, applicable holidays as defined by the church, and one (1) personal day. Vacation and personal days must be pre-approved by the pastor and the Personnel Team. In the case of sickness, the church office and the Personnel Team must be notified.


During the first year of employment there shall be three (3) planned evaluations. The first evaluation review shall occur after ninety days (90 days) of employment with members of the Search Team, the Education Team and the Personnel Team. The second planned evaluation review shall occur after six months of employment with members of the Education Team and the Personnel Team and the third planned evaluation review shall occur after one year with members of the Education Team and the Personnel Team. Subsequent planned evaluation reviews shall occur annually with members of the Education Team and the Personnel Team. The Pastor shall be included in all evaluation reviews. The Education Team and the Personnel Team shall base these evaluation reviews upon the goals and expectations of the position.