Mission and Outreach  2018

Second Sunday –Hosted 10 Second Sunday programs, with guests at full capacity of over 100 developmentally disabled adult guests in attendance at many of these events. 

Family Promise- Served as hosts for three separate weeks, with church volunteers providing  a safe, warm and welcoming shelter and evening meal for homeless families with children. 

Haiti Hurricane Relief Spaghetti Dinner - Hosted a dinner which raised $1,550 for Disaster Relief in Haiti

Pumpkin Patch  Generated over $18,000 for the  Farmington, New Mexico Navajo farmers, helping to fuel job growth  where the unemployment rate is 45%.  Over the 9 years (2009-2017) of the Patch, the total amount returned to the Navajo was $143,370!!!


All Wrapped Up  Adopt-a-Family– Once again we 'adopted30 struggling individuals and family members  who gave us their needs-list for Christmas.  In addition to meeting all of their  gift requests (coats, dishes, toaster ovens, and more!) , we gave $1,815 in Gift Certificates for these families!

Annual Children’s Toy and Clothing Collection –Donated 121 toys, 5 children's jackets, 13 outfits (pajamas, etc.), plus numerous accessories, including socks, hats and mittens


First Congregational Church of River Edge raises and donates funds to local, denominational, and global charities.  In addition to funds raised by requests to the congregation for specific causes, a portion of all church annual pledges is allocated to community outreach.

..To Local Charities including:

Food Pantry– Monthly Sunday collection allowed us to donate $4,200  to local food pantries.

Family Promise - Over $2,435 raised through the Hike and Bike participation of 23 of our church family


Other Charities -In addition, donated over $3,000 to other charities, focusing primarily on charities to help children and their families and the developmentally disabled.  Recipients included:


..to Global Outreaches

Church World Service KitsServed as the local Depot twice, once for regular collections and once for Emergency Hurricane collectionsOur Church donated  at total of 137 Hygiene Kits, 72 School Kits,and 4 Emergency Clean-up Buckets.  

Our Depot handled 104 Clean-up Buckets, 413 Hygiene Kits, 144 School kits, 113 quilts and 4 lap-shoulder blankets.  

Church World Service - Close to $650 in donations to the Blanket Fund

Sponsoring Children  Sponsoring two children (one from India, one from the Philippines) and providing a full scholarship  a high school student in Haiti, where education is not free.

..to Denominational Outreaches

One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) –Donated just over $3,000 in 2017.    OGHS aids individuals and communities suffering the effects of natural disasters, wars or other severe economic hardships anywhere in the world.

Global Ministries Disaster Relief - Donated $1,550 to Haiti for hurricane relief, the funds raised through a spaghetti dinner. 

Christmas Fund – Just under $2,000 (!) donated to this Fund through our Christmas in July event.  The Christmas Fund aids retired clergy who have sacrificed income potential throughout their lives by choosing to serve the church.  The fund also assists church clergy or other church employees who are struggling financially due to natural disaster,  illness or other similar events.