Pumpkin Patch 2017
 First Congregational Church of River Edge
Corner of Kinderkamack Road and Continental Avenue

Saturday, October 7 ~ Tuesday, October 31 
Open Sunday ~ Friday   11 am to 7 pm
Saturday 10 am to 7 pm   

Thousands to choose from                                    Grown in New Mexico
Corner of Kinderkamack Road and Continental Avenue
Corner of Kinderkamack Road and Continental Avenue

Eighth Annual
 Pumpkin Carving Event
Sunday, October 22nd
11:30 AM ~ 2:30 PM     Fellowship Hall
"Loaf and Ladle"  

* You provide a pumpkin (any size) to carve
* We provide carving tools, candles, and (non-alcoholic!) drinks


Enjoy Crafts, Games, and fun plus creative Photo opportunities!!

~~  FREE EVENT  ~~

Carve your own pumpkin and you don't have to clean up the mess!
Pumpkin Patch Gift Certificates

Would you like to indulge a friend, a co-worker, a helpful young person or a neighbor with a treat from the Pumpkin Patch?
Or maybe you live at a distance and would like to treat some  person who is significant in your life and lives in this area (perhaps a grandchild).

Just save the form at the link below to your computer, fill it out and return it with your check as indicated.  The check should be made out to "First Congregational Church of River Edge" and  please mark "Pumpkin Patch" on the check Memo line. 

Pumpkin Patch 2016
Year-End Update
The Pumpkin Patch Bakers' additional efforts since Halloween raised another $1,700, bringing the total food profits to $10,914.  For the first time ever, bake sale profit exceeded pumpkin sale profit.    When added to the pumpkin profit of $9,800, total raised for the Building Renovation Fund at Pumpkin Patch 2016 now stands at $20,714.... and the 8-year total is just under $120,000!
An awesome team effort and an example of how, working together, a small church can accomplish big things.  The funds raised move our church one small step closer to realizing a goal of making our building physically accessible to all.


Our eighth Pumpkin Patch is now history. Final Pumpkin sales this year totaled $28,000, of which 65% ($18,200) was returned to the Pumpkin Patch Fundraisers to pump back into the Farmington, New Mexico Navajo economy through jobs and land rental permits.   The remaining 35% ($9,800) is designated for the church's Building Restoration Fund.  PLUS, $9,200 (so far) goes to the church from food sales.

While these dollar numbers are impressive and provide support to our church, Pumpkin Patch 2016 was much more than a fund-raiser.  Pumpkin Patch provided an opportunity to meet people from the community; it brought people from our church to work together in fellowship and friendship. 

We hope everyone, community and church volunteers alike, enjoyed these interactions and found a deepened understanding through the medium of the pumpkin!  Whatever your part, volunteer or customer, we thank you for your support.
October 2nd - Puppies visit the Pumpkin Patch!
(What are all of those orange things?)
Saturday, October 1st - The Pumpkins Arrive!
The Truck is pretty full of pumpkins!
Everyone pitches in to unload and move those PUMPKINS!
Now we have a few pumpkins on our lawn!
September 24th - The Tent Goes up!
Men Working (well, actually,  taking a break from working)
The Tent is up-we're almost ready
Saturday, August 21st - Peaches!
Golden cans of peaches are prepared for the Pumpkin Patch!
October is coming!

Saturday, August 6th - Pickling!


A  party of picklers 'perfectly' packed

191 jars

of Peter's Prophetable Pickles for this year's Pumpkin Patch! 

October is coming !


corner of Kinderkamack Road & Continental Avenue
River Edge, New Jersey

Thousands of pumpkins grown in New Mexico