Pumpkin Patch 2018 Pictures
Amazing carvings of 4 of our pumpkins by a customer and his family.
Our pumpkins on display inside the River Edge Diner
Do we have a terrific variety of pumpkins or what?  Here's our new stand to display some of our offerings  Oh my!
..and here's what the lawn behind our new stand looked like after we got another delivery of pumpkins on Oct. 22nd!
The line (one of them) to pass and place the pumpkins
Did you see all the displays of our pumpkins at Ted's North, our neighbor at the other end of Continental Avenue?  Wow!
The initial truckload, with 2,500 pumpkins (not including the small ones in the bins)  arrives!  Oh my!
Passing pumpkins - nice one, but heavy, careful!
Taking a break from passing pumpkins - but she never takes a break!
Passing more pumpkins - is that guy in the back doing his fair share?
Much needed refreshment area 
Setting up the gourds table
(why does it seem that somebody back there is watching)
Pumpkins !
More pumpkins
Still more …. you get the idea 
The lights are getting strung and the tent going up!