Sundays at 11: 25 am to 12:05 pm


Sunday January 28th     Israel and Palestine - 
 with input from Pastor Dennis TeBeest, based on his study visit to the region in 2017

Dennis shared experiences and insights from his study experience in Israel and Palestine in 2017.  This conversation (with pictures) focused specifically on the current experience of conflict and division in the West Bank territories.  The strain and conflict on the West Bank are a complicated morass.   Is it rooted in religious issues...or are other things going on here?

Here are some pictures.  None of them are scenic or pretty.  They too reflect the tension and conflict felt in the Palestinian territories, and in the Israeli settlements.    The focus of the January sharing (CongCon is conversation at the intersection of faith and human need) was to bring home the pain felt by the people in the midst of a Palestine increasingly occupied and controlled by Israel.

The Israeli Defense Agency had just bulldozed the road to the
Past Conversation.

Sunday November 19th    Immigration and Refugee issues - 
 with input from Kate Jerome 

Kate is an active member of  the New Jersey Alliance for Immigration Justice.  Her knowledge and compassion on these issues is significant.  She  offered insights and information on her experiences and led us into a conversation on what our faith has to say on these issues.