Pumpkin Patch Thanks Letter
  First Congregational Church of River Edge received a letter of thanks,from the Navajo for our participation in Pumpkin Patch   Below is condensed version of the letter:

My name is Harry...  I am the Human Resources Director for the Pumpkin Patch Fundraisers.  I have worked here for 23 years.  I am a Navajo, living on the Reservation all my life (56 years).  Pumpkin Patch has been employing Native Americans here on the Reservation for over 20 years. Here in New Mexico, our staff is 100% Navajo, including all management. During harvest, we also hire Pueblo, both Zuni & Hopi tribes (300 workers).  Unemployment on the Navajo Reservation is 42%.

For many of our workers, it's the only opportunity to provide for their families and themselves.  The approximate 1.3 million dollars in harvest labor makes a significant difference in the quality of the lives of my people.  Opportunities like this are very scarce on our reservations.

On behalf of the Pumpkin Patch, please let me say that I cannot overstate the value of the service and work provided to the Navajo people by Pumpkin Patch Fundraisers and our non-profit partners like First Congregational Church of River Edge.  Thank you for your support.