Sanctuary at Easter, 2018
Palm Sunday, 2018
Historical Mural at River Edge Public Library
Cross during Lent, February, 2018
January 7th -Visit of the Magi
The Magi visit King Herod on their journey to Bethlehem
October 2nd - World Communion Sunday
Clothes from around the World adorn the Communion Table
Easter 2016
Maundy Thursday 2016
The Steeple and the Flag in a December sky
January 25, 2015
Cabin Fever Picnic

Everyone had a great time at the January 25th  "Cabin Fever Picnic" - Hot dogs and hamburgers and other picnic fare for all - Just like July! 
Plus games for all ages!

New Members' Reception
January, 2015

New Members were received into the life and fellowship of the First Congregational Church on January 4th, 2015
 The small fingers that pre-tested the decorations along the bottom  of the cake were just part of the warm welcome to the family of the First Congregational Church.