All Wrapped U
 In 2019, 
we once again 'adopt' individuals (parents and children) from struggling individuals, plus older disabled folks.  We got their needs-wish lists for Christmas
Before we could even put this information onto the web, Facebook, or even into the Sunday bulletin, over 60% of our listed individuals were 'adopted' Our church family truly has the faith-full spirit of Christmas!

In 2018,  

In addition to the generous gifts on the wish/needs lists of our 'adoptees' , we gave  $2,150 in gift cards alone - most to Shop Rite!


The Thank you Letters and Cards from 2018 recipients
Many of the recipients who provide their needs list for  the All Wrapped Up Christmas giving program are the families of young children who attend the Bergen County Head Start program in Hackensack.  And some of these children have made thank-you cards for us.  They are above