Christian Education Newsletter  
Sunday, June 14th 10:00 am Service 
 Virtual Church School Sunday 
 Our church school youth led and performed for this memorable service!
A member of the Motoike family performs the Prelude, 
"Jubilate" by D. Bortniansky
A member of the Silane family reads the Call to Worship
A member of the Kearns family does the Prayer of Confession
Two members of the Stark family reads the Old Testament Lesson
A member of the Babington family reads the NewTestament Lesson
A member of the Babington family does the Offering Call
Members of the Orendain family sings a duet, "How Can I Keep from Singing" by Robert Lowry
A member of the Van Wetering family does the Prayer of Dedication
A member of the Babington family is honored as a graduate
A member of the Silane family is honored as a graduate
Members of the Myers family gives us the Benediction
A member of the Cho family performs the Postlude:  "Invention #8" by J.S. Bach
Alleluia! Art
Alleluia! by Winnie!
Another one of the Winnie Easter art collection (with background support by Mae!)
Beautiful Alleluia! by one of the talented Stark family artists
Easter Alleluia! another of the  Stark family collection
More of the Alleluia! collection by the Stark family
Alleluia! with flowers by the Stark artists
Double-wide Alleluia! with illustrations
Alleluia! with crayons (circa 1950's) from the childhood treasures box (crayons still working!  Harmonica, not so much)
Feb 2nd - Souper Bowl Sunday
Our church school children collected 160 soup cans and over $125 for the
 Center for Food Action.

Chrismon Service 
Sunday, Dec. 8th  
Our children and youth  once again re-enacted the Nativity story to lead us in to the Christmas Season.
The final act, including the baby (yes, a real baby).  Note that one small sheep (with head in hand) has decided to stray, and is fleeing down the aisle toward family 
The full cast of the re-enacted the Nativity - except one sheep.
Note the cell phone on the left framing the Wise Man in red - a justifiably proud family member, without doubt! 
The line to place the Chrismon white cross on the tree, and to place the toys for the struggling families, under the tree
More of the long line
Some of the gifts, which are donated, under the tree.  Looks like one of the young donors is doing a final check ... or maybe looking for options to add to his list!
Church School Sunday - June 9th
The children and youth did the readings  sang, played instruments and
 led a truly great service for all.
The Prelude 
with alto sax, tenor sax and clarinet
The Call to Worship
The Prayer of Confession
The Anthem
with the Carol and Nowell Choir
The Pastor
illustrating his sermon on the centripetal and centrifugal force of the Spirit and the church - It draws us in and draws us to go out in faith and service
The Pentecostal Red balloons, about to be released to go upward

The Journey Ringers
More Journey Ringers - yes, they can!

Church School Music Prentations
The Sunday Sundae Ice Cream Social in Fellowship Hall 
following the service
Some of those mischievous boys who were in Church School
...a while ago