Christian Education Newsletter  
Sunday, April 14th - 11:00 am - Easter Egg Hunt ...
following worship on the church lawn. (Inside in case of rain).  There will be plenty of eggs to find as well as some fun games to play.  Hope to see lots of children participating
Sunday April 28 - Seeing Eye Visiting
Sunday April 28 - Seeing Eye Visiting
The Youth Group has organized a special morning for both children and adults to witness the work of this amazing organization. A brief introduction will be held during the Children's Message and then our children will have the opportunity to meet a service dog and his/her "person" during Fellowship Time.  Come and see the organization that the Youth Group has been supporting this year!
 Summer Activities  
Vacation Bible School - Summer 2019
August 12~August 16 - Half Days
ROAR!  Life is Wild, God is Good!
The program is designed for kids to explore and celebrate faith as it powers them through life.  It uses Bible stories and creative activities to help them experience God's Word and apply it to their own lives. 
It is creative and fun!