All Wrapped U

We  'adopted' 23 struggling neighbors in 2020!

Thank you! 


The wonderful gifts included microwaves, air fryers, toaster ovens, sheets, blankets, lots of clothes and of course toys for the children.

AND we donated $1,275 in gift cards, mainly for ShopRite and Target!

 In 2019, 
we  'adopted' 31 struggling individuals .
 Five seniors and 26 from a families-in-crisis organization - 
Many were children in emergency foster care.  

In addition to the generous gifts given based on the needs/wish lists of these folks, we donated $1,600 in gift certificates to ShopRite, Walmart, Target and Kohls, based on the requests of the recipients. 

We got their needs-wish lists for Christmas
Before we could even put this information onto the web, Facebook, or even into the Sunday bulletin, over 60% of our listed individuals were 'adopted' Our church family truly has the faith-full spirit of Christmas!