Donating to the Church 

For 2021, Here is my pledge to the church
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On Line Giving 
Pledges and Offerings - General Church Fund - Your pledge/contribution to  church operating funds - salaries, heat, utilities and other expenses.
COVID Fund -A special offering, an extra boost for the church during this challenging time.  
Food Pantry- Our offering for Center for Food Action - needed more than ever

We are deeply grateful to those who have stepped forward to support our church in recent days.  We need and appreciate every donation

Please consider giving the church an extra boost during this time of unusual challenge by contributing to the COVID Fund


C – caring, community, calling, cherish, church, communion
O – offer(ing), omnipotent, one, onward, open
V -valued, valiant, valor, vigilant, virtuous, vision
I – illuminate, imagine, intention
D -devotion, dare, dawn, dedication
Church Offering a Vision to Illuminate the Dawning of a healed world.