Crosby Fund for Haitian Education
Benestha Andre
Post-High School Preparation Year 
Verrettes, Deschapelles, Haiti

Haiti is the

poorest country

in the Western Hemisphere

Education in Haiti is not free

The Crosby Fund for Haitian Education was established under the auspices of the First Congregational Church of Old Lyme (CT).  This organization pays tuition and costs (such as books and uniforms) for 470 students in Haiti, from kindergarten through technical school and university. They also have an on-site Education Center which helps with tutoring and literacy programs. 

Using funds from the FCC Mission monies, which you donate as part of your regular pledge each year, we (you) are providing a full scholarship for the education of a young 9th grade girl named Benesthra. 

She lives in an area north of the capital of Haiti.  See the maps below.  

We received a thank-you letter from the Crosby Fund, which reads (in small part) "With much appreciation...How very, very kind of your congregation!"...In a country where education is not free, the opportunity to attend school transforms a young person's life...Thank you very much for your support and encouragement of our work..."