Confirmation Program
Class of 2019-2021
Confirmation Sunday February 7th 2021!

The Confirmation Class managed to keep going, with a few bumps, and was confirmed on February 7th, 2021!
Sunday, Feb. 23rd - Confirmation Class and mentors
Our 2020 Confirmation Class entered the period of more intense study during Lent, including writing their own Statements of Faith.
Sunday, March 8 - Riverside Church
Our 2020 Confirmation Class plans a visit to Riverside Church on Sunday, March 8th - The group has been invited to join the Riverside Youth church school before worship,  A tour of the historic churcb is also being planned
February 2 - Burning of the Palms 
Confirmation Youth and Mentors participated in the burning of the palms from the 2019 Palm Sunday for use on Ash Wednesday in 2020.  
Temple Avodat Shalom 
The class attended a Family Shabbat service at Temple Avodat Shalom on January 3rd and had many questions answered by a very knowledgeable member.  Everyone enjoyed and learned from the visit.
October 26, 2019 -Confirmation class retreat at Johnsonburg Camp and Retreat Center.  Team building, prayer, outdoor bonding.  A great start on their developing faith journey together.