Walk the Labyrinth to Jerusalem
Our 11-circuit labyrinth is patterned after the one at the cathedral in Chartres, France.

The labyrinth leads you on a path to its center and back out again. It’s a way of meditating or praying that quiets your mind and opens your spirit as you walk, so that you can come into closer communication with God.

"We often speak of the journey of the spiritual path, and walking the LABYRINTH makes visible the journey and the quiet needed to walk the path of the Sacred."  Fr. Blessing
The labyrinth is an ancient pattern found  in cultures around the world in many different forms. The labyrinth entered Christian prayer life during the Middle Ages, when it was integrated into cathedrals across Europe. The labyrinth inside Chartres Cathedral is one of the few that remains in its original form.

For detailed information on the use of labyrinths as a
spiritual exercise, we recommend the Veriditas website.

Here is our church member talking about the meditative meaning of the labyrinth
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Our labyrinth is also available for groups by special arrangement.  Please contact office@fccriveredge.org for information or reserving the labyrinth for your group.