Musical Instruments
Our music program has a wonderful collection of instruments, including - --The Pipe organ 
Our Pipe Organ 
 made and installed by the Peragallo Organ Company.  
From here our Minister of Music, Gloria Norton,  works her magic.
Pipe organs need pipes - ours are hidden on either side of the altar area.
Here are the ones behind the choir.  There are more on the opposite side.
The same loft which hides the pipe organ pipes also hides the chimes, which call us to church on Sunday and chime the quarters and the hour during the day. 
The beautiful harpsichord donated to our church by the United Church of Spring Valley, NY
Gloria Norton, Minister of Music, enjoying the sound of the instrument and the pleasure and appreciation the harpsichord gets from the congregation
Signe Myhren, one of our soloists and musicians, trying out the harpsichord's keyboard and sound
Some of our Malmark bells -  we have 4 1/4 octaves, or 54 bells (is that right, Bell Choir members?)
We also have two sets of Suzuki chimes, one with 5 octaves and one with 3 octaves.
Our Orff Xylophones, played for the Cantata by our youth