Church Safe Reopening
In-Person Worship Direction
Join us in the Sanctuary!
In recognition of that safe return to the sanctuary,  the Worship Team no longer seeks registration for in-person worship.  We have also opened up every other pew in the sanctuary.
  Y’all come! 
1. We ask everyone, even if fully vaccinated, to wear a mask which covers both nose and mouth.  In consideration for our children, mask-wearing is encouraged for all.  
2. Please arrive between 9:40 and 9:55 am.  We wish all to be seated when the prelude begins at 9:55

3. Proceed through the Entryway into the Sanctuary Narthex, where an Usher will guide you to your seat in the sanctuary.  Please follow ushers' guidance.
4. You may sing, but please sing through your masks!
5. At the conclusion of the service, remain seated until an usher releases you.
6. There will be an offertory in the worship service but tithes, gifts and offerings will not be gathered at that time.  You may drop your offering in the collection basket in the Narthex as you depart the sanctuary.
** Please use the restroom only in instances of strong need.  Please wipe down all touched surfaces (Wipes be available) upon leaving the restroom.
Sunday, August 23rd
 First (partial) opening with people in pews!