Church Safe Limited Reopening
In-Person Worship Direction
1)  You must register each week if you wish to attend Sunday Worship. 
To register, click the link below.  
You will need to enter your name, email address and number from your family unit who will be attending 

You must register by 8:00 am on Sunday.  Initially, attendance will be limited to 35 persons. 

Please read the directions below for the procedures  you will follow 
when attend.    
2) Please arrive on Sunday morning between 9:40 am and 9:50 am. 
The prelude begins at 9:55, and we want all seated by that time. 
3) After parking, maintain social distancing on the entry sidewalk.
4) You will be met at the Entryway door (single way in) by a Greeter, who will welcome you, assure your good health, assure that you are wearing a mask, and that you use the hand-sanitizer stations.
5) Proceed through the Entryway into the Narthex, where an Usher will guide you to your seat in the Sanctuary.   Seating will occur in  marked stations. 
Worshipers will not be able to choose seats.  
Please follow the Usher's guidance. 
6) Only family units (maximum 4 persons) will be allowed to share seats.
7) Masks covering both nose and mouth  must be worn the entire time you are inside FCC facilities. 
8) Bulletins will be waiting for you at your seat.
9) Singing will not be allowed.  Only the assigned song leader in the choir loft will sing.  We hope you will enjoy the soloist and (silently) follow the hymns in your bulletin.
10) There will be an Offertory period during the worship service, but tithes, gifts and offerings will not be gathered at that time. 
There will be a collection basket in the Narthex into which you may drop your offering as you leave the Sanctuary.
11)  At the conclusion of the service, please remain seated until the usher releases you.  Then proceed directly outdoors through the Narthex and Entryway.  If you wish, you may, at social distance, engage in conversation on the church lawn before returning to your car.
**On Communion Sundays, there will be pre-packaged communion elements at your seating station (Inform an usher as you enter if you wish a gluten-free option.)
** Please use the restroom only in instances of strong need.  Please wipe down all touched surfaces (Wipes be available) upon leaving the restroom.
Sunday, August 23rd
 First (partial) opening with people in pews!